• 10.07.2018

    The delivery of the ball mill МШЦ ø3,6x4,5 m was made for one of the leading enterprises of the Ural mining complex within the import substitution program.

    The mill was designed by scientific Research Institute "CEMEQMASH" and was manufactured with the requirements for the unification of spare parts from previously used foreign equipment.

    The delivery was made on time, in accordance with the contractual obligations.

  • 29.06.2018

    The delivery of water coolers, which will be operated in the electric-furnace melting shop of the plant, was completed for the metallurgical enterprise of the Central part of Russia. The total volume of the delivered equipment was 20 units.

    Simultaneously with the supply of coolers, their installation is carried out.

    Production of heat-exchange sections was made according to the design documentation, developed by JSC Research Institute “CEMEQMASH”.

  • 25.06.2018

    Centrifugal air separators with the drive were manufactured and delivered to the enterprise of Kazakhstan, ahead of schedule for a month, according to the modernization of production of the grinding department of raw line.

    The equipment was manufactured according to documentation developed by scientific Research Institute "CEMEQMASH".

  • 22.06.2018

    The elements of the rotary kiln Ø 2,8x55,0 - kiln section and discharging end; tire for the drying drum Ø 2,8x20,0 were developed, manufactured and supplied for partners of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a part of general overhaul of the line for sludge raw materials production.

    The equipment was manufactured with the use of documentation developed by Construction Office of scientific Research Institute "CEMEQMASH".

  • 14.06.2018

    The end of construction within the project «Expansion and reconstruction of cement production capacity of 500 thousand tons of clinker per year» at OJSC Production Association «Yakutcement» coincided with a significant date the 12th of June – Russia Day!

    Research Institute "CEMEQMASH" fully developed the design documentation for the third processing line of the plant for cement production.

    LLC "CEMEQ Minerals" manufactured and delivered more than eight thousand tons of equipment to a new line.

    Hundreds of employees of service department were involved in the construction; more than 18 thousand cubic meters of reinforced concrete were used.

    New facilities were put into operation:

  • 07.06.2018

    Installation works of the line of proppants production as a part of drying drum СБ Ø2,4x20,0 rotary kiln Ø3,3х55,0 and drum cooler Ø3,3х35,0 were completed by service department LLC «CEMEQ Minerals» within the project "Increase of proppants production".

    The main production line equipment was designed and developed in WCD by specialists of JSC Research Institute “CEMEQMASH”. The whole set of equipment was supplied by LLC "CEMEQ Minerals" at the end of 2017.

    This project confirms the demand in the integrated approach (design, supply, construction and assembly works and start-up and commissioning works) in the implementation of projects on modernization of production, technical re-equipment and new construction of technological lines.

  • 04.06.2018

    The delivery of equipment for gas purification, drop collector and drop collector chamber was completed within the project "Modernization of gas purification system of converter № 1”of metallurgical plant of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    Design documentation was developed by Research Institute "CEMEQMASH".

    The equipment was shipped by sea through the port of Novorossiysk.

  • 04.06.2018

    The delivery of the top part of Venturi and humidifier included in the device was made for repairing of the top gas scrubber of metallization Unit № 1 at JSC "Oskol EMK".

    Design documentation was developed by Research Institute "CEMEQMASH".

  • 01.06.2018

    The delivery of the next batch of water coolers, developed according to the design documentation of Research Institute "CEMEQMASH", was made for steelmaking metallurgical enterprise of Central Russia. 

    Currently, the installation of 8 units of supplied equipment started at electric-furnace melting shop of the plant. 

  • Mill 0, 9x1,8

    The ball mill with central discharge МШЦ 0,9х1,8 with a right drive arrangement was developed and manufactured for the enterprise of mining industry LLC "Mining Company MAYA".

    All equipment was designed by specialists of JSC Research Institute «CEMEQMASH» and manufactured at the production site of CEMEQ group.

    The delivery was made on time according to the contractual obligations

  • Mill 15x30

    The complete ball Mill with central discharge МШЦ 15x30 with rubber lining was developed and delivered for one of the mining companies of «NORD GOLD» group (NORDGOLD).

    All equipment was designed by specialists of JSC Research Institute «CEMEQMASH» and manufactured at the production site of CEMEQ group.

  • Repairing of the mill

    The Service Department completed the urgent repairing (dismantling/installation) of the complete ball mill with unloading through the grate МШР Ø2100x3000 for one of the enterprises of «NORDGOLD» Group (NORDGOLD).

    All works, provided by technical task, were performed qualitatively and ahead of schedule.

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