• 29.08.2018

    The delivery of shell-and-tube heat exchanger for operation in the shop of collecting chemical products of coke and by-product process was made to the PJSC "Severstal". The device is intended for heating of crude benzene before a column of benzene synthesis.

    The documentation for manufacturing was developed by research institute "CEMEQMASH" on the basis of initial data provided by the Customer.

    The product was shipped within the terms specified in the contract.

  • 27.08.2018

    Within the project of worn-out equipment replacing the section of the rotary kiln was manufactured and delivered to one of the enterprises of pulp and paper industry, according to the drawings of research institute "CEMEQMASH".

    The equipment was manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer and delivered much earlier than the contract period.

  • 24.08.2018

    The cooler drum ᴓ 2,2х19m was designed, manufactured and delivered to the shop of kiln equipment for ore cooling at the enterprise of chemical industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the program of worn-out equipment replacing.

    The equipment was manufactured and delivered one month earlier than stipulated by the contract.

  • 20.08.2018

    Service Department of LLC "Cemeq Minerals" made general overhaul of rotary kiln №5 at LLC "Magnitogorsk cement-refractory plant".

    In the course of repair the following works were performed:

  • 20.08.2018

    The following vessel equipment was manufactured in rolled execution and delivered for the repairing of thermal power station of JSC “Ural Steel” (Novotroitsk):

    - tank for auxiliaries V=40 cubic meters in an amount of 2 PCs.

    - filter washing tank V=100 cubic meters in the amount of 1 PC.

    Design documentation was developed by the Research Institute "CEMEQMASH".

    Due to the urgency of the order, at the request of the Customer, the delivery time was reduced to 60 days.

    Currently, 3 more units of equipment are being manufactured for the implementation of this project.

  • 20.08.2018

    The delivery of air-cooling unit of type АВМ-Г-20-Ж-1,6-Б3-В/6-2-1,5 was made to one of the enterprises of rare-earth non-ferrous metallurgy. The equipment was delivered within the terms established by the contract.

  • 02.08.2018

    The works on the enlarged assembly and installation of the loading head of the rotary kiln Ø4,0x90,0 were performed by the specialists of Service Department of LLC “Cemeq Minerals” at the manufacturing enterprise of refractory products within the project "Increase of chamotte production".

    All works provided for in the contract were performed qualitatively within the terms established by the Customer.

  • 01.08.2018

    The body of the drying drum 2,5x14,0 with a ring gear and tires was manufactured and delivered for one of the metallurgical enterprises of Russia within the project "Increase of productivity of the copper sulphate drying line".

    All equipment was manufactured in a very short time according to the documentation, developed by the Research Institute "CEMEQMASH" according to the wishes of the Customer.

  • 31.08.2018

    LLC "Cemeq Minerals" took part in the construction of new gold processing plant of tank leaching (GPP TL) for one of the industrial enterprises of the Republic of Tyva.

    The delivery of two complete mills МЩЦ Ø 3200х3100 for grinding gold ores, smooth-start system of mills УБПВД, automated control system of the mill, the main drive motor of 630 kW, 6000 V, 250 rpm, with a complete digital excitation system and matching transformer was made to the construction site of the factory.

    Documentation of the equipment was developed by designers of Research Institute “CEMEQMASH” according to customer's specifications.

    Currently, all equipment is on the way to the customer. In early autumn, the experts of Service Department of LLC "Cemeq Minerals" will begin works on installation of equipment.

  • 30.08.2018

    LLC "Cemeq Minerals" performs the delivery of technological equipment within the project of construction of oxygen station for one of the industrial enterprises of the Urals.

    Production of mufflers in the number of two pieces was complete.

    Eight adsorbers, equalizing tanks in the amount of 4 pieces and mufflers in the amount of 2 pieces are in the process of manufacturing.

    The equipment will be used at the oxygen station operating on the technology of short-cycle adsorption and vacuum regeneration.

    Documentation of the equipment was developed by designers of Research Institute “CEMEQMASH” according to customer's specifications.

  • 30.07.2018

    Group of companies CEMEQ participated in the construction of lines for recycling of dust of electric arc furnaces with extraction a valuable zinc product from hazardous wastes in the recycling process.

    Research Institute "CEMEQMASH" developed documentation for the rotary kiln Ø3,0х60m and drum refrigerator Ø2,5х25m.

    LLC "Cemeq Minerals" manufactured and delivered equipment to the customer's site.

    Currently, the specialists of Service Department of LLC "Cemeq Minerals" began the works on installation of the equipment.

  • 20.07.2018

    The equipment for drum granulator-dryer БГС ø 4,5x16 m and lime-slaking apparatus АГИ ø1,6х10 m was delivered to the enterprise of one of the leading Russian chemical industry holdings within the project of modernization of complex fertilizer production lines. The equipment was designed by engineers of JSC Research Institute “CEMEQMASH” and manufactured at the production site of CEMEQ group.

    The equipment was delivered on time according to contractual obligations.

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