Our mission and main goals

We are the affinity group that collaborates with domestic and foreign industrial enterprises on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation.

We seek to be the best in what we do, therefore we offer to our clients the most viable solutions increasing by this their market opportunities and our business reputation.

Our main goal is to occupy a leading position in the field of engineering for industrial enterprises with the processes of crushing, grinding, burning, drying and sorting, offering a complex of solutions from the development of design documentation to service maintenance of process equipment. 

History of the company

The history of the company began on 15 March 2007, when a limited Liability company "Cement Engineering Company" was formed in St. Petersburg.

The goal of the company was a comprehensive approach to providing the cement industry enterprises with high-quality equipment of Russian production. Our starting goal was the development of a range of equipment, applied in working cement plants, updating and upgrading, as well as the development and implementation of modern systems of grinding and burning equipment.

From the beginning we created our own design service, framework of which were engineers and designers with experience in designing production lines and construction of equipment for industrial facilities on the territory of the former USSR, Russia, Egypt, Vietnam, Iraq, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and some other countries.

With the development and study of various segments of the market of technological equipment, we began the work on designing of various models of crushing and grinding and burning equipment, which was used not only in cement plants, but also in other industries where it is necessary by the technology to subject the initial material to the processes of crushing, grinding, burning, drying and sorting.

In addition to the traditional customers of the cement industry, our partners are enterprises of mining, metallurgical, pulp and paper industries, and fertilizer industry.

The company felt tight in the existing frameworks and, at the end of 2011 the management of the company made the decision about rebranding. In January 2012 the company CEMEQ Minerals entered the market.

In the next three years, the company consistently improved internal structure and expanded markets. For example, a new trend appeared: heavy-duty gearboxes "CEMEQ Heavy Duty Transmissions". Representative offices of the company opened in Moscow and Riga and European technical office appeared.

In 2015-2016. the Сompany opened representative offices in Krasnoyarsk, and in cooperation with AMISK company – office in Johannesburg (South Africa)

The interest increased greatly to our service department CEMEQ Service, and as a result, an additional service office was organized in Shymkent (Republic of Kazakhstan).

The department "Automation" was formed inside the company, and now the work at the department "Crane technology" is in progress.

For 9 years under the guidance of experienced engineers “grew” the young specialists, able to work independently on the most complex projects.


CEMEQ group is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides integrated solutions for projects of new construction and modernization of existing enterprises in such industries as:

  • cement production;
  • metallurgical production;
  • lime burning;
  • preliminary restoration of nickel and manganese ores;
  • calcination of aluminum, bauxite, oxide, titanium;
  • production of mineral fertilizers;
  • direct restoration of chrome ores;
  • production of carbon electrodes;
  • burning of magnesite and dolomite;
  • calcination of petroleum coke;
  • processing production;
  • production of expanded clay.

Company structure

Technical department, of the Company includes:

  • «The kilns» office.
  • «Grinding equipment» office.
  • «Crushing equipment» office.
  • «Gearbox construction» office.
  • «Electrical equipment» office.
  • «General machinery construction» office.
  • «Advanced development and analysis» office.

Commercial Department with its own logistic service and sales offices in Magnitogorsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga.


Russian and European engineering sites.

Service department of CEMEQ Service, performs installation, installation supervision and maintenance of technological equipment.