• 14.08.2019

    Erection supervision works of the drying drum Ø2х12 m were completed by the specialists of Service Department of LLC “Cemeq minerals” within the project "Reconstruction of the drying line of antimonic float concentrate".
    Technological equipment of the line was designed and developed in Working Design Documentation by the specialists of JSC Research Institute “CEMEQMASH”. The whole set of equipment was supplied by company LLC "Cemeq Minerals".
    This project confirms the demand for complex approach (design, supply, construction and assembly works and start-up and commissioning works) during the implementation of projects for the modernization of production, technical re-equipment and new construction of technological lines.

  • 16.08.2019

    Start-up and commissioning works and debugging of application software of МЦ 2x10,5 were completed for our partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan within the complex project for the mill replacement the mill.
    The equipment was accepted into service by the Customer.
    The whole complex of works was performed by specialists of "CEMEQ" group of companies.

  • 09.08.2019

    Support rollers 400 tons were developed, manufactured and delivered for one of the enterprises of the processing industry of Russia.

    Design documentation was developed by designers of research institute CEMEQMASH and agreed with the Customer.

    Delivery was made in terms established by the contract.

  • 05.08.2019

    Summing up the results of the work of Automated Process Control System (APCS) department for the first half of 2019, we are confident about the successful implementation of a number of projects in the branch of automation.

    Services of the department are in demand not only within the enterprise in manufacturing and completing of equipment of Customers, but are also provided to third parties, who complete the manufactured units with means of automation and electrical machines.

    New department carried out the design of control systems....

  • 30.07.2019

    A muffler for under-construction oxygen station was delivered for one of the enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy.

    Equipment was manufactured according to documentation of Research Institute CemeqMash.

    In the nearest time a set of the second muffler and a batch of Adsorbers and balance tanks will be shipped.

  • 31.07.2019

    Tooth wheels of spiral classifier in the amount of 3 pieces were manufactured and shipped for one of the mining and processing plants in Russia.

    Products were manufactured according to the drawings of Research Institute CemeqMash.

    Delivery was made in time according to contractual obligations.

  • 01.08.2019

    Adsorbers for under-construction oxygen station were shipped for one of the non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises.

    Equipment was manufactured according to documentation of Research Institute CemeqMash.

    Delivery was made in time according to contractual obligations.

  • 29.07.2019

    Two centrifugal-air separators were designed, manufactured and delivered for installation for one of the metallurgical enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the program on replacement of the old equipment in the grinding workshop.

    Design documentation was developed by the constructors of research institute Cemeqmash and agreed with the Customer.

    By agreement with the Customer, the delivery was made ahead of schedule stipulated by contractual obligations.

  • 17.06.2019

    A set of plates for the feeder ПП-14 in the amount of 36 pieces was delivered to one of the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical company Metalloinvest. Products were delivered in time, stipulated by the contract.

    Earlier, in 2017, our company delivered similar products in the amount of 154 pieces, including for the feeder ПП 2-24.

  • 17.06.2019

    The body of the crusher bowl КРД 700/100 was manufactured and delivered for one of the largest Nickel producers.

    This kind of equipment is unique. Its manufacturing is possible only in large specialized industry.

    During the manufacturing process, the specialists of the research institute "CEMEQMASH" maintained a phased comprehensive technological supervision.

  • 20.06.2019

    The end gas cooler of nozzle type, intended for final cooling of coke oven gas, was manufactured and delivered according to the order of our partner - Paul Wurth company.

    Working design documentation was developed by JSC research institute “CEMEQMASH" on the basic project of Paul Wurth company.

    The cooler is used in by-product recovery plant of coke production of JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau".

    Delivery of oversized products is carried out by mounting blocks, disassembled.

    Currently, internal devices are in the manufacturing process.

  • 20.06.2019

    The first batch of water coolers was delivered for the production needs of steel production JSC "Oskol electrometallurgical plant".

    Due to the production need of the Customer, the products were manufactured in a short time. In the nearest time it is planned to ship the next batch of devices. A total of 22 units of heat exchange sections will be delivered.

    Earlier, in 2018, our company developed design documentation and supplied 20 similar devices.

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