• 27.02.2019

    Support and thrust tires Ø3610м in the amount of 4 pieces for the rotary kiln were manufactured and delivered for one of the partner enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan within the modernization of production, according to the drawings of research institute CEMEQMASH.

  • 12.03.2019

    Within the project of modernization of the main technological equipment for one of the mining and processing enterprises of Russia, the following works were performed:

     - The specialists of JSC Research Institute “CEMEQMASH” designed the units for mills МШЦ 4,5x5 m

    - Production department of LLC "CEMEQ Minerals" manufactured and delivered four sets of units of mills MМШЦ 4,5x5.

    - Service department of LLC "CEMEQ Minerals" installed and performed start-up and commissioning works of the delivered equipment.

  • 21.02.2019

    During planned repairing of rotary kiln, the frame of roller support was delivered to the serviced by CEMEQ group of companies object LLC "Magnitogorsk cement-refractory plant".

    The frame was manufactured according to the documentation developed by the specialists of research institute CEMEQMASH, within the contract time.

    In the nearest time, the service department will dismantle the old frame and install a new one.

  • 01.02.2019

    The units of the rotary kiln 4,0x60m were manufactured and delivered to one of the largest zinc production enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    · Installation of a welded tire
    · Hydraulic thrust roller

    Design documentation was developed by specialists of Research Institute "CEMEQMASH" and agreed with the customer.

  • 07.02.2019

    Within the project of thickening complex construction “Cemeq” company delivered 2 sets of thickeners assembled.

    Specialists of the service department carry out installation of the equipment in accordance with the schedule agreed with the customer.

  • 16.01.2019

    At the request of one of the largest Russian mining and processing plants, the upgraded (reinforced) excavator arm ЭКГ-12A was manufactured and shipped to the customer.

    It was designed by specialists of Research Institute "CEMEQMASH", the documentation is agreed with the customer.

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