• Production and supply of 1,6х5 m drum cooler.

    As a part of the warehouse construction project for mineral fertilizers production, Cemeq Minerals LLC manufactured and delivered a 1.6x5 m drum cooler, including the unit control system, to one of the largest producers of fertilizers.
    Complete design documentation was performed by the engineering department.

  • DDP contract for the supply of 4x60 rotary kiln parts.

    As a part of the iron and steel enterprise modernization project in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the obligations of the DDP contract for the supply of 4x60 rotary kiln parts were fulfilled.
    The equipment was manufactured according to the design documentation developed by the Cemeq Engineering Department under the supervision of the Quality Control Department experts.

  • Participation in the 6th Coke-chemical industry international conference.

    Cemeq Minerals LLC took part in the VI “Coke-chemical industry. Situation and Prospects.” International Conference held on April 21-22, 2022 in Domodedovo.
    Almost all coke-making enterprises, as well as design institutes, analytical editions and industrial equipment suppliers took part in this conference. One of the main topics of this event was “Advanced technologies and equipment for coke-gas treating, obtaining chemical products, treating wastewater, recycling of coke-making enterprises and industry wastes.
    Our company is an active participant in the engineering and equipment supply markets for coke-making enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Today, our equipment is successfully operated at Severstal PJSC, Ural Steel JSC, Altai Koks LLC, NLMK PJSC, Mechel Coke LLC, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC.
    The conference was organized by the Coke Chemical Association and the EurasiaMetals magazine.

  • Construction of a calcium nitrate plant with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year.

    As a part of the "Construction of a calcium nitrate plant with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year" project, Cemeq Minerals LLC performed the following scope of work:
    Detail engineering (design documentation and control system development) of the main processing equipment: 3.5x7m drum granulator and 1.2x3.6 m drum cooler. This stage was carried out by the experts of our engineering department based on the basic engineering of the technology licensor - SNC Lavalin .

  • Cooperation with Russian universities.

    As a part of the company's development program for the selection of qualified staff and cooperation with Russian Universities, CEMEQ Engineering Department in Togliatti office organized a meeting with the representatives and students of the Togliatti State Technical University.
    The following issues were discussed at the meeting: cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the staff additional training, providing internship for students with further employment, as well as attracting University resources for the implementation of equipment supply and engineering contracts.

  • CEMEQ Group of Companies provides a full range of industrial geodetic measurements: equipment checkout and alignment, erection and construction supervision.

    Cemeq Minerals LLC has rich references in accomplishment of geodetic works in industrial sphere and construction. The company has been licensed and received all the necessary permits. Cemeq Minerals LLC experts are highly qualified and have all the necessary modern high-precision equipment, data processing and 3D modeling programs, classical and original methods for solving measurement tasks in complex and unique facilities. Cemeq Minerals LLC performs geodetic works together with maintenance, and also separately, providing equipment alignment with the report and comments on the eliminating of the existing shortcomings. Cemeq Minerals LLC specialists are ready to arrive at the site as soon as possible upon your request, perform all the necessary measurements without equipment shutdown and provide all the necessary data. This can help you avoid extra costs and take a correct technical decision on subsequent maintenance and repair work. To perform equipment geometry test without shutdown, our Company performs dynamic “hot” alignment of the rotating equipment, which significantly reduces equipment downtime and allows us to predict current and overhaul repair time. Moreover, unlike cold alignment (in case of shutdown), dynamic alignment makes it possible to obtain more accurate measurements of the current state of the equipment and, as a result, to get correct comments on the adjustment and repair of the rotating unit. Cemeq Minerals LLC is a customer-friendly Company, which is ready to perform a whole range of geodetic works at the Customer's enterprises.

  • Production and shipment of 3200x3100 ball mill.

    3200x3100 ball mill was manufactured and shipped to one of our customers, focused on the extraction of ferruginous quartzites.
    Design documentation was carried out by the specialists of Cemeq Minerals LLC Engineering Department and agreed with the customer.

  • A batch of automatic ball dispensing devices for ore grinding mills.

    One more batch of three automatic ball dispensing devices for ore grinding mills was designed and manufactured for one of our partners.
    Design and construction documentation were carried out by the specialists of Cemeq Minerals LLC Engineering Department, taking into account all the requirements of the Customer's technical specification.
    Final assembly test and running of ball dispensing devices were carried out before the dispatch.
    Today many concentration plants are very interested in automatic ball dispensing devices for ore grinding mills, and Cemeq Minerals LLC is busy with active design of various types of this equipment for mills of different sizes, as well as with different types of automatic control and choice of parameters for additional ball loading.

  • Shipment of the third lime cooler to Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill.

    As a part of the engineering, manufacturing, supply and erection of three complete drum pipe coolers (2.5x8) EPC contract, designed for lime cooling, the third and the last unit was shipped to the Pulp and Paper Plant in the Republic of Karelia.

    The replacement of the lime cooler unit, as well as the completion of this contract, is planned to be performed by the forces of our own Service Department, and is scheduled to be accomplished in May of 2022.

  • Сommissioning of a new sinter machine AKM-75.

    While implementing a long-term modernization program for the sinter
    Production of PJSC MMK, Cemeq company together with the largest Russian engineering enterprise has commissioned a new sinter machine AKM-75.
    Cemeq company supplied the following sinter machine components:
    - Frame and shelters of the sinter machine,
    - Seal kit
    - Charge and spillage hopper
    - Vacuum tanks with gates
    - Pellet cars 3 meters wide.
    - Design and supply of the automatic process control system.
    Design of the construction documents and equipment manufacturing according to the contract have been performed by the Cemeq Minerals LLC engineering department and quality control department.

  • Production and dispatch of the 4000x13500 rod mill rotating part.

    Rotating part of the 4000x13500 rod mill has been manufactured and shipped for one of our key customers.
    This equipment is unique due to its mass-dimensional characteristics. The inner diameter of the drum is 4 meters, and its length is 13.5 meters. The weight of this rotating part is more than 145 tons.

  • Dynamic alignment of a 3.2x50m three-bearing furnace and 3.8x10m two-bearing cooling drum.

    Dynamic (hot) alignment of a 3.2x50m three-bearing furnace and 3.8x10m two-bearing cooling drum was carried out by the Service Department experts on the territory of the Cemix LLC white cement production plant. Geodetic works were performed on the operating equipment without its decommissioning. After the alignment was complete, the Customer was provided with a Report on the current state of the equipment indicating recommendations for the mechanical adjustment of the support units and further operation of the whole equipment.

    According to the contract obligations, performed work included mechanical adjustment of the support units, support rollers, adjustment of the furnace and cooler axis, adjustment of the furnace and cooler move. Performed scope of works contributes to the correct operation of the units and prolongs operating life of the support units and the equipment drive.

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