Siberian Cement

LLC «Krasnoyarsk Cement»

Participation in reconstruction of the kiln and development of design documentation with subsequent delivery of:

Thrust roller Q=660 tons assembled with frame – 2 items.

Spare parts for the equipment:

Toothed wheel ЭТ-1177 z=183 m-10 – 1 item.

Gear shaft m=10, z=21 of reduction gear ЭТ 1177 – 1 item.

Output shaft of reduction gear ЭТ1177 – 1 item.

LLC «TimlyuyCement»

Support block Q=300 tons – 2 items.

Manufacturing and supply of gear-type coupling

LLC «Topki Cement»

Participation in modernization project of cement mills park with development of design documentation jointly with «Christian Pfeiffer» company (separator)

Participation in construction of rotary kiln Ø5х185 with supply of component parts

Engineering for manufacture and supply of the mill Ø 3,2x15 m.