Turbo gearboxes are used in electric-power, chemical and other industries and they are part of such devices as gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps and compressors.

Turbo gearbox works with high frequency load, which creates additional requirements and determines the specific character of the technical solutions that are used in these products.

Turbo gearboxes features:

• only slide bearings are used;

• intensive forced feed lubrication in bearings and gearings is provided;

• gear sets of reduction gear with high-precision machining of high-strength materials;

• all rotating components and parts of the gearbox are subjected to accurate dynamic balancing;

• assembling of gear sets and bearings is a responsible and complex operation requiring high qualifications, due to the ultra-high accuracy with this device.

CEMEQ Company successfully mastered this complex production and today can deliver qualitative turbo gearboxes and spare parts for them.