JSC «Aktobe Plant of Chromium Compounds»

Development of design documentation and supply of mills МШЦ 2,1x3,0 m - 5 items.

Development of design documentation and supply of calcining furnaces Ø2,2x20 m – 2 items.

Complex works on construction of rotary kilns department with development and installation of rotary kiln Ø3,6x75 m with drum cooler Ø2,5x37,45 m with CEMEQ Service participation.

Development and supply of reduction gears instead of outdated ЦТ-2500 and ЦТ-1300

Development and supply of centrifugal air separator to the drying drum for separating the material into fractions – 2 items.

Supply of mortality parts for technological equipment (part of the kiln body 2,8x55m, tire and discharge end of the kiln, for the calcination of sludge)..

Supply of cooling drum 2,2x19 m.

Supply of full set of the mill МЦ Ø 2,0 x 10,5 m including reduction gear ЦД 2300 l - 35,75 to the grinding shop.

Supply of support tires Ø 3610х3180х500 - 2pcs for the kiln Ø3х44м

Supply of thrust tires Ø 3610x3180x500 - 2pcs for the kiln Ø3x44m

Supply of side-bars Ø 3000x2800x20 - 3pcs for the kiln Ø 3x44m

Manufacturing and supply of support blocks for the drying drum 2,2 x 19 m, burning department.