LLC «Magnitogorsk Cement Refractory Plant»

  • Implementation of complex expansion project of cement production with construction of two kilns Ø 4,5x125 m and Ø 4,5x129 m and new raw material workshop, consisting of 3 mills of CEMEQ development.The amount of supplied equipment is 3000 tons 
  • Implementation of current and general overhaul of the main technological equipment within the Contract, signed till the end of 2017.
  • Supply of sub-recuperator section of rotary kiln ø 4.5 m, the outlet grids gap 8 mm.
  • Repairing of rotary kiln №5 with the replacement of sub-recuperator section and repair of the chain zone. Manufacturing and installation of briquetting line.
  • Supply of five sets of outlet grids with 8mm slit for mills
  • Supply the frame of roller support for the kiln Ø 4х125 m
  • Manufacturing and supply of the frame 400 tons of roller supports according to the drawings of research institute "CemeqMash".