OJSC «PA Yakutcement»

Modernization of rotary kiln Ø3,6 with removal of overclamping and change of drive to increase productivity:

1. Ordinary shell Ø3600х2000х36 – 13 items.

2. Toggle joint– 1 item.

3. Gear ring m=40, z=150 – 1 item.

4. Pinion with casing installation – 1 item.

5. Gear ring pinion m=40; z=21 – 1 item.

6. Reduction gear ЦТ-2550-90,837 – 1 item.

7. Auxiliary drive – 1 item.

8. Support ОР 4000 – 2 items.

9. Toggle clutch – 1 item.

10. Tire – 3 items.

The project “Expansion and reconstruction of cement production capacity of 500 thousand tons of clinker per year” is in progress.

Construction works of slurry mixer, foundations for grinding section, kiln section, chimney flue, smoke exhauster and electrostatic precipitator were performed.

Manufactured equipment: rotary kiln ø 3,6х127 m with recuperator cooler, mill ø 4х13,5 m with a closed-cycle system, electrostatic precipitator, hoisting equipment, chimney flue h 75m, aspiration system, conveyor equipment, reduction gear ЦТ-2900 for the kiln.