JSC «Kuvasaycement»

Participation in modernization of raw material workshop and supply of component parts for mill Ø 2,6x13 m

1. Mill body – 2 items.

2. Inlet head – 1 item.

3. Outlet head – 1 item.

Modernization of rotary kiln 3,6 m by replacing uniform heat exchangers to heat exchangers from heat-resistant steel (CEMEQ development)

Heat exchanger (12X18H10T) – 30 items.

Supply of kiln tires with a diameter of Ø 3.6 m

LLC «Semei Cement Plant»

Modernization of grinding equipment with delivery of the mill Ø 2,6x13 m, equipped with drive of CEMEQ development

1. Inlet head – 1 item.

2. Outlet head – 1 item.

3. Journal bearing assembled – 2 items.

4. Reduction gear ЦД-3400 – 2 items.

Complete mill МЦ Ø 2,6x13 m – 1 item.

Participation in modernization of the kiln and delivery of component parts:

1. Tire ч.18.00.001/20 – 1 item.

2. Support block Q=400 tons – 1 item.

3. Auxiliary drive assembled – 2 items.

4. Oil lubrication station 125 l/min – 2 items.

OJSC «Bekabadcement»

Support block Q=400 tons – 2 items.

OJSC «Novotroitsk Cement Plant»

Modernization of raw department by replacing the mill Ø 2,6x13 to the mill of CEMEQ development with installation on existing foundations and increase of the production by 20%.

Development and delivery of clay washmill 12 m.

Development and delivery of slurry mixer Ø25 m.

Development of the project DSK on the plant open-cast mine with supply and installation of equipment:

Unbalanced-throw screen ГИС-36 – 1 item.

Single-rotor crusher ДРС 12*12 (СМД-94Б) – 1 item.

Belt conveyor B-800 L=20 m – 1 item.

Belt conveyor B-800 L=30 m – 1 item.

Belt conveyor B-800 L=35 m – 1 item.

Belt conveyor B-800 L=36,05 m – 1 item.

Belt conveyor B-800 L=49,63 m – 1 item.

Supply of spare parts for rotary kiln:

Support blocks Q=300 tons.