• Production and supply of a batch of pellet cars TS-3 made of ductile iron.

    As part of a long-term sintering production modernization project,a batch of pellet cars has been delivered to the Customer.
    Cars have a uint-cast body made of ductile iron.
    Cemeq Minerals LLC acts as a manufacturer and supplier of a part of processing equipment, a hearth and an automatic process control system for the AKM-75 sintering machine.

  • Band for a rotary kiln

    A band for a rotary kiln was manufactured and shipped to one of the key Customers.
    The weight of this band is 55 tons, and the outer diameter is more than 6 meters, that makes the delivery of this unit to the customer's site a serious logistics project using road and water transport.

  • Shipment of the second 3600х5000 ball mill.

    As a part of the contract for the supply of four mills, the second mill 3600x5000 ball mill was shipped.

    The design documentation was carried out by the Cemeq Group of Companies engineering department.
    Mill rubber lining was implemented by the Cemeq Group of Companies service department.

  • Manufacturing and supply of a complete block steam boiler.

    A complete block steam boiler was delivered to one of the key Partners to obtain an additional volume of saturated steam for the needs of the technological process. The boiler steam capacity is 15 tons per hour.
    The scope of delivery includes the following units and parts: a steam boiler with burners and an economizer, a chimney, a steam boiler house, a blowdown system, collection and waste system, pipe- and gas pipelines systems, a chemical dosing system, metal structures, a set of shut-off and control valves, measuring equipment, automatic process control system.
    Now, the Customer has started the erection.

  • Production and supply of two bands for a Ф3.6m rotary kiln.

    As a part of the current repairs at one of the enterprises producing mortar mixes, two Bands for a Ф3.6m  rotary kiln were manufactured and supplied:

    Support ring (medium) Ш3750x770 weight 10,500 kg.
    Support ring (side) Ш3750x550 weight 8,500 kg.
    The total weight of units is 19 tons.

  • Delivery of 4 2.8x8 Granulators has been complete.

    As a part of the sintering production complete modernization project, we have supplied four 2.8x8m granulators to our Customer.

    The contract provides for the supply and installation supervision of the equipment, delivery obligations have been completely performed.
    The first granulator was installed and successfully passed warranty tests.
    The granulator original design provides the possibility to adjust drum inclination angle in the range of 1-5 degrees, that allows to set the most optimum operation mode.
    The equipment design documentation was carried out by the specialists of the CEMEQMASH Research Institute in accordance with the individual requirements of the Customer.
    The design documentation for the equipment was developed by the specialists of the Research Institute "CEMEKMASH" in accordance with the individual requirements of the Customer.

  • Production and supply of the cone for the fine cone crusher – 1750.

    As a part of the scheduled repair of the main processing equipment, a cone for the fine cone crusher – 1750 was supplied to our permanent partner.
    Cemeq Minerals LLC manufactures 2200, 1750, 1200 secondary cone crushers / fine cone crushers and spare parts for them according to its own engineering, we also provide erection, repair and maintenance services for them.

  • Manufacturing of components and spare parts for the partners of CEMEQ Group of Companies in June 2023.

    A number of components and spare parts of various machines and industrial units were manufactured and delivered to the partner enterprises:
    - support blocks for the sintering furnace (2 pieces);
    - support rollers for the sintering furnace (6 pieces);
    - spare parts for mining and processing equipment;
    Design documentation was worked out by the specialists of the Research Institute CEMEQMASH and agreed with the Customer.
    The equipment is manufactured under the supervision of the Quality Control Department staff.

  • EPC contract for a 3x10m complete lime cooler.

    Shipment of a complete 3x10m lime cooler (weight is more than 121 tons) has been completed for one of the Cemeq key customers.

    Taking into account Customer request to meet the schedule for the main production reconstruction - the design, manufacture and delivery of the lime cooler were performed as soon as possible: within five calendar months.

    The next step in the execution of the EPC contract is installation supervision.

    work under the contract (commissioning and signing of the Acts) is scheduled to be completed in September 2023.

  • Technical re-equipment of the filtration section.

    Our company is now taking part in a technical re-equipment of the filtration section project for one of the main workshops of a large Russian enterprise. 
    The company’s scope of work includes the design, supply and installation of two sets of pulp tanks with mixers and drives. 
    At the first stage, detailed design documentation for the equipment further manufacturing was implemented by the engineering department. 
    At the moment, the equipment assembly and installation process are being in progress. All work at the facility is performed according to the schedule. 

  • Production and supply of pellet cars bodies.

    Supply of a batch of pellet cars (4 meters wide) has been completed.
    Special design feature of a car body is a one-piece moulded case with anti-bending characterisitc, made of 15Cr11MoVNb refractory steel, which provides a significant increase of a car service life.
    Cemeq Minerals LLC supplies pellet and grate cars of different sizes with the bodies made of 15Cr11MoVNb, 14CrMoTi, 20CrMo steel and ductile iron 65.

  • Maintenance and repair service of the processing equipment in the 1st quarter of 2023.

    For one of the strategic partners (cement production), the following work has been completed under a long-term contract for the repair and maintenance service of the processing equipment in the 1st quarter of 2023:
    compensating cut of a 4x125m rotary kiln №2 with geodetic support;
    2.6x12m cement and raw mills repair, including units’ alignment and grinding of the mill trunnions; 
    replacement of the raw mill №4 block of body shells with a length of 4 linear meters; 
    maintenance of clamshell buckets; 
    -production of inter-chamber partitions and tanks. 
    The work performed within the terms agreed with the Customer, by qualified staff with proper tools. 

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