4.5x125m Rotary Kiln overhaul maintenance.

4.5x125m Rotary Kiln overhaul maintenance was performed for one of the CEMEQ strategic partners (in cement production), it included the following work:

  • replacement of the weld-in bandage with sub-bandage shells, total length is 6.2 m;
  • the gearbox repair with the replacement of bearings;
  • a set of works to strengthen the sub-recuperator shell and repair the sub-recuperator tank;
  • complete replacement of the rotary kiln chain system;
  • repair of the kiln support rollers;
  • repair of the plate conveyor;
  • a set of works on dynamic and static alignment with a report.

All work was accomplished by qualified workers and senior managers, daily geodetic control was provided by CEMEQ geodetic engineers within the time agreed by the Customer.

 The cement production line was returned to production facilities with a minimum break for repair.