Implementation of an EPC contract to improve sinter plant efficiency at a Russian iron and steel enterprise.

A 3.6x4.5 mill was manufactured and shipped for one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the extraction and enrichment of iron ores,.

The design documentation was developed by Cemeq Minerals LLC engineering department.

A specific feature in manufacturing of this unit is the use for the drum body and end walls surfaces rubber coating. The coating of metal parts with rubber is designed to protect internal surfaces from corrosion, abrasive wear, increase the level of wear resistance and reduce the noise of the operating unit.

Implementation of an EPC contract to improve sinter plant efficiency at a Russian iron and steel enterprise.

The last stage of the program on the improvement the efficiency of the sinter plant at one of the Russian leading iron and steel enterprises has been completed,

The completed Contract includes complex engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning of handling, transporting, mixing equipment, automatic process control systems and software.

The complex is designed to achieve maximum mixing and optimal wetting of the charge before piling in the warehouse for the purpose of its additional averaging.

Compared to ordinary projects, in this case it was necessary to select, arrange, supply and assemble more than 200 tons of the equipment on a limited area among the existing infrastructure facilities and sinter plant equipment in a short time.

An additional condition was not just to change the existing technological line, but to supplement it with a parallel branch with the ability to use both the old and the new one. The iron ore mixing section allows to work in a fully automatic mode, and control it from a central remote-control panel.

The commissioning of the new section made it possible to achieve good results in segregation reduction and stable iron ore moisture reduction in the warehouse.

During the commissioning, the operation of each piece of the equipment was brought to the optimal level, successful cold and hot tests were carried out, during which the indicators stipulated by the Contract were achieved.

All work was completed in the shortest possible time and accepted by the customer. Currently, Cemeq Minerals LLC provides technical support during the warranty period.

We express our gratitude to each participant of the project who contributed to its implementation!