Summing up the results of the work of Automated Process Control System (APCS) department for the first half of 2019, we are confident about the successful implementation of a number of projects in the branch of automation.

Services of the department are in demand not only within the enterprise in manufacturing and completing of equipment of Customers, but are also provided to third parties, who complete the manufactured units with means of automation and electrical machines.

New department carried out the design of control systems of crushers КСД-1200, ДБ-28, СМД-110, mills МШР 0,9x1,8, МШР 2,1x3, МСЦ 3,6x5, developed application software for the mill МСЦ 3,6x5, car dumpers ВРДС-100, ВБС-100Г, crushing and milling machines, feeders, positioner, transborder. In addition, the application software was debugged, integration with the customer's APCS was performed, and the subsequent commissioning of the equipment of Sakhalin GRES-2 unloading complex and Riga port of STREK SIA.

In July, Automated Process Control System (APCS) department completed the manufacturing of a complete control system for the project of the sludge enrichment line of the ore processing plant of PJSC “MMK”. The complete control system ensures the operation of the mill МСЦ 3,6x5 with all necessary technological locks, and also combines operation control, parameter control, diagnostics and control functions of belt conveyors, feeders, crusher, receiving hopper of sludge enrichment line. In addition, the equipment of the sludge enrichment line will be integrated into the existing APCS of the enterprise with the ability to control and manage the operation of the equipment.

Development of design documentation for the electrical part, as well as the development of application software for the controller, the operator panel and the existing operator's workstation was performed by specialists of “Cemeq” group of companies.